5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Venue

Where you get married is, potentially, the most important part of your wedding because it will definitely stand out in the memory of your guests perhaps more than any other single detail of that day. You might be feeling some pressure to make sure you pick the best venue out there, but you have to keep in mind that just because you like a venue it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your wedding. Here are 7 ways to pick the right venue for your special day.

Determine how many guests you’re going to invite

When looking at the details of a potential venue the number of guests a space can accommodate will usually be listed as one of the first details you read. If you know, approximately, how many people you are going to have at your wedding then you will be able to narrow down venues that work with your guest list. The number of people expected there will be a very important factor for picking a venue.

Figure out how much you actually want to spend

Some venues will, obviously, be much more expensive than others because of the amenities they offer. The cost will most likely be one of the other details available first off when reviewing a venue, so right away you will know whether a venue is within your budget. Some venues will be flat rates, and some will be a per person cost so if you are willing to have a smaller guest list then you might be able to get away with a nicer venue if that’s important to you.

Check reviews and photos from real weddings

There are a lot of wedding sites that feature pictures of real weddings, and not just the staged version the venue wants you to see. Also, by looking at what other people have done with that space might give you a notion of whether what you want is realistic or too much for that space. Look for reviews about how the venue staff were to deal with: were they accommodating? Pleasant? Did they make the bride and groom feel comfortable? These are all things to think about.

Officially choose your wedding date, if you haven’t already

There might be a venue that fits your guest list and budget but if you are getting married during a popular time, or maybe you are getting married in the middle of the winter, you date might already be booked. So by choosing your wedding date you will be able to further narrow down which venues are available for you.

Make sure the venue matches your style

If you have selected a rustic, country themed wedding then booking a country club ballroom for your venue probably isn’t going to help you pull off the wedding you want. For this reason, you should always view the venue and see it in person before you actually book it.

Selecting a venue is, arguably, one of the most important details of planning your wedding so making sure it’s completely right for you is crucial. Before actually booking the venue you need to make sure it fits your budget and can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite. You should also make sure you know what the price includes, and are made away of any extras you may want but aren’t included in the package you select. Once you choose the venue for your wedding it will be a huge relief and you can start thinking about the smaller details of your wedding.

Below I put a cool video on tips for an outdoor wedding