The Emergence of Photo Booths at Weddings

It is very common for couples to be switching things up for their big day and make it their own; they are playing with tradition so they feel like they are truly able to make this day a reflection of themselves. Part of this trend is skipping out on the traditional photographer and having your own photo booth instead.

Having a photo booth at your wedding means your guests can take fun and silly photographs while having a great time at your party. Professional photographers can add a lot to your wedding budget depending on what you’re looking for, and for some couples it may just not be feasible to hire someone to shoot your entire day. A lot of couples are renting a photo booth or two and this way they can still capture their special day while saving costs.

It’s not just regular photos, either, that come from photo booths. A lot of companies who rent these for special events also have a lot of props you can also rent to enhance the photos; props like hats, masks, signs and more. You can also rent versions that take photos and video, and that way your guests can record messages to you and your significant other throughout the party. If your reception is more about the party, and you don’t care much for the staged look of professional photographs then this will probably be a fantastic option for you.

What’s more is that often times the company will provide you with the originals taken that night so you will always have all the photos from your guests. However, there is a downside to only having a photo booth at your wedding in place of a professional photographer. A photographer is hired for the sole purpose of taking pictures so you are almost guaranteed to have great photos you can look back on, however a photo booth relies on your guests to make sure they take a lot of photos during your party. If you have guests who aren’t too sure about using one or aren’t going to use it then you won’t have the memories or photos to look back on.

Overall renting a photo booth for your big day can really add to the party atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean it will always work out. A lot of couples are using these in place of the traditional photographer, and for younger crowds it has looked to pay off but if you have guests that aren’t comfortable with these then you may find your photos don’t have all of your guests in them. Photo booths are a great enhancement to your reception, and they can definitely brighten up your photos with fun props.

I found a great video on youtube on how to build you own photo booth for a low price:

Tips for Choosing your Wedding Florist

Flowers are an important part of your wedding, and they will freshen up the look of your wedding. If they are colour coordinating and are flowers that are in season when you get married they will really add colour and will light up your photos, but how do you know what you’re getting before hiring a florist? Since flowers are a focal point for a lot of the wedding you want to make sure they look exactly how you want them to look. If you are in the midst of selecting a florist for your big day here are some things to consider before making the final decision.

Start on time

If you are using a timeline to complete certain tasks, then use this to your advantage and don’t think you still have tons of time to find a florist. Some florists are really popular for a reason, but due to the time and complexity of doing a wedding most florists only take on one wedding per week because they will also have other customers to serve at the same time. Some florists will actually book up a year in advance, so start the search for a florist on time.

Schedule a face-to-face meeting

There’s a lot that can be accomplished in an in person meeting that phone calls and e-mails just won’t get to. During a sit down meeting you can get to know the florist and they will get to know you; you can ask any questions you might have and get a feel for what their work is like. Remember that just because a florist may be highly recommended that doesn’t mean they’re the right one for you so don’t be afraid to make appointments with more than one.

 Bring pictures

Florists will do better with visuals than relying on you to describe what you want, so bring photographs or show them your Pinterest board so they can have a better idea of what it is you like. They will be able to determine whether they can accommodate your wishes, and perhaps some high level price quotes.

Talk money, early on

If you have determined a budget for flowers and you know it isn’t negotiable then your florist needs to know that. If the photos your bring them turn out to be way above your budget then the florist will need to know whether the budget is flexible or if they might have to scale down your visions to make it work with your price point. Either way, you need to know this before going into the meeting.

Know your wedding details

The details of your big day will help the florist design something the works with both your budget and your vision. They will also have the experience to know whether the photos you bring in will work with your overall vision for your wedding. Details such as theme, colours, venue, ceremony and so on will help pull together the whole day for you.

When selecting the florist for your special day it is important to make sure they will give you exactly what you want and turn your dreams into a reality. If you don’t feel comfortable hiring a certain company then don’t. Just because they are well know that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. Stick with your instinct, and your budget, and you will have gorgeous flowers on your special day.

Below I have linked a video to get your creative juices flowing for your big day.

6 Wedding Myths Debunked

There are so many people who are only too happy to give you advice, warnings and an entire list of To Dos but you might be wondering if everything they say is necessary or even relevant. There are a lot of myths circling the wedding atmosphere, and here are a few of them completely debunked.

Myth #1: It’s Your Day

Yes you are getting married, and yes you can make your wedding be exactly how you want it to be but keep some perspective: if your friends and family have supported you and your partner’s journey then you might want to show them some appreciation. Further if your family, or fiancé’s family, is helping with some of the cost towards the wedding you may want to be prepared for some kind of compromise.

Myth #2: You will cry when you find ‘The Dress”

You might cry, you might not. There isn’t a right or wrong reaction to have when you find your dress. Not every bride will experience each aspect of the wedding process in their own way, so if someone tells that the dress isn’t right until it brings tears to your eyes. Forget it: if it feels like it’s the right dress and you can imagine yourself saying “I Do” in the dress then it is the right one for you.

Myth #3: You should be engaged a year

There isn’t a written rule that you need to be engaged a certain amount of time before you can get married. If you are engaged for 6 months before you get married then that’s great; if you are engaged for 5 years then that’s fantastic, too. There isn’t a right or wrong amount of time, so whatever timeline works for you and your fiancé go for it.

Myth #4: You need to spend a certain amount on a wedding

Lots of people will have opinions about how much a good wedding “should” cost but that doesn’t mean it’s what you should spend. What can you afford? How much do you want to spend? Maybe you have the budget to spend a lot on your wedding and you want to throw a huge party for your friends and family, or maybe you only want to have a small, intimate gathering and that’s ok too. There isn’t a right or wrong amount to spend on your wedding: think about what you can realistically afford, and what you actually want to spend – there’s your budget.

Myth #5: You need to have this tradition, that tradition, and this other tradition or else it’s not really a wedding

You know what makes a wedding, a wedding? Two people get married. That’s it. If you don’t want to walk down the aisle then don’t, and if you don’t feel comfortable doing the garter toss then don’t. Whatever you want to do, do it. A wedding is a wedding because two people get married.

Myth #6: You will look your most beautiful on that day

There’s a whole lot of pressure to look a certain way on this day, and there’s no argument that brides look amazing on their wedding day but it isn’t the only day you’ll look absolutely stunning in your life. You will still be gorgeous after you get married and before that day, too. Don’t buy into everyone else’s criticism or cave to the pressure: it’s your day and you should look exactly how you want to.

Getting married is a really exciting and sometimes challenging part of your life, but it can quickly become a nightmare with everyone’s expectations and pressure. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you and your fiancé are, make it a day to celebrate your love with your friends and family so make sure you truly enjoy it and have it the way you want it to be.


8 Ways to Save Costs for Your Wedding

A wedding can be a very expensive event, especially when items just keep adding up and surprises are around every corner. There are some ways that will cut costs dramatically and will probably still allow you to have the wedding you’ve been dreaming of for so long.

Examine the Guest List

The bigger your guest list, the bigger your budget needs to be, especially when it comes to reception costs. Sometimes there are family members putting pressure on you and your fiancé to invite specific people “just because” but this is a day to celebrate so it is completely ok to select the people you really want to spend that day with.

Choose a date that isn’t a Saturday, or during peak season

Saturdays during wedding season are popular for a reason, and you will likely pay a premium to have your wedding on that day. If you are ok with, or even want to have, a wedding that isn’t during this time you could find yourself saving a lot of money on your venue, caterers and other vendors.

Have bigger tables

It was just said to cut your guest list, but if you still have a large guest list then you can have bigger tables so that you have fewer centerpieces and tablecloths.

Have a cocktail party

A seated main course meal will always cost you more money. If you have a cocktail party with appetizers and hors d’oeuvres then you can really cut costs. What’s more is this kind of reception enhances the party atmosphere and could help get the party going.

Change the bar

If having an open bar is a must for you and your fiancé then you could consider offering wine, beer and a signature cocktail or two instead of having a full bar. Going with this option will help to save costs, but you can still be able to offer your guests an open bar rather than having a cash option.

Get married and have the reception in the same place

Some vendors will charge by the hour, so if you have some of these vendors then by getting married and having your reception in the same space then you won’t incur travel charges or extra time charges for going between venues.

Scale down the flowers

Flowers are always pretty and they will brighten up any wedding, but that can come at a premium. If you can stick to only one or two kinds of flowers, and ones that are in season at the time of your wedding, then you will be able to save some money on the flowers.

Order a small cake

For show purposes you could order a small one or two tier cake, and then have a sheet cake come out after for your guests to eat after you have done the cake-cutting moment for photos. Sheet cakes are going to cost much less than tiered wedding cakes, so if you just have a small one for show you can still have the photos of it while ensuring all your guests have a piece of cake.

Your wedding day is going to be a day you remember for years and years to come, but that doesn’t mean you have to be paying for it for years. There are ways you can look to scale down your costs while still enjoying your day and ensuring your guests have a great time at your party.

5 Tips for Choosing your Wedding Venue

Where you get married is, potentially, the most important part of your wedding because it will definitely stand out in the memory of your guests perhaps more than any other single detail of that day. You might be feeling some pressure to make sure you pick the best venue out there, but you have to keep in mind that just because you like a venue it doesn’t mean it’s going to work for your wedding. Here are 7 ways to pick the right venue for your special day.

Determine how many guests you’re going to invite

When looking at the details of a potential venue the number of guests a space can accommodate will usually be listed as one of the first details you read. If you know, approximately, how many people you are going to have at your wedding then you will be able to narrow down venues that work with your guest list. The number of people expected there will be a very important factor for picking a venue.

Figure out how much you actually want to spend

Some venues will, obviously, be much more expensive than others because of the amenities they offer. The cost will most likely be one of the other details available first off when reviewing a venue, so right away you will know whether a venue is within your budget. Some venues will be flat rates, and some will be a per person cost so if you are willing to have a smaller guest list then you might be able to get away with a nicer venue if that’s important to you.

Check reviews and photos from real weddings

There are a lot of wedding sites that feature pictures of real weddings, and not just the staged version the venue wants you to see. Also, by looking at what other people have done with that space might give you a notion of whether what you want is realistic or too much for that space. Look for reviews about how the venue staff were to deal with: were they accommodating? Pleasant? Did they make the bride and groom feel comfortable? These are all things to think about.

Officially choose your wedding date, if you haven’t already

There might be a venue that fits your guest list and budget but if you are getting married during a popular time, or maybe you are getting married in the middle of the winter, you date might already be booked. So by choosing your wedding date you will be able to further narrow down which venues are available for you.

Make sure the venue matches your style

If you have selected a rustic, country themed wedding then booking a country club ballroom for your venue probably isn’t going to help you pull off the wedding you want. For this reason, you should always view the venue and see it in person before you actually book it.

Selecting a venue is, arguably, one of the most important details of planning your wedding so making sure it’s completely right for you is crucial. Before actually booking the venue you need to make sure it fits your budget and can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite. You should also make sure you know what the price includes, and are made away of any extras you may want but aren’t included in the package you select. Once you choose the venue for your wedding it will be a huge relief and you can start thinking about the smaller details of your wedding.

Below I put a cool video on tips for an outdoor wedding