The Emergence of Photo Booths at Weddings

It is very common for couples to be switching things up for their big day and make it their own; they are playing with tradition so they feel like they are truly able to make this day a reflection of themselves. Part of this trend is skipping out on the traditional photographer and having your own photo booth instead.

Having a photo booth at your wedding means your guests can take fun and silly photographs while having a great time at your party. Professional photographers can add a lot to your wedding budget depending on what you’re looking for, and for some couples it may just not be feasible to hire someone to shoot your entire day. A lot of couples are renting a photo booth or two and this way they can still capture their special day while saving costs.

It’s not just regular photos, either, that come from photo booths. A lot of companies who rent these for special events also have a lot of props you can also rent to enhance the photos; props like hats, masks, signs and more. You can also rent versions that take photos and video, and that way your guests can record messages to you and your significant other throughout the party. If your reception is more about the party, and you don’t care much for the staged look of professional photographs then this will probably be a fantastic option for you.

What’s more is that often times the company will provide you with the originals taken that night so you will always have all the photos from your guests. However, there is a downside to only having a photo booth at your wedding in place of a professional photographer. A photographer is hired for the sole purpose of taking pictures so you are almost guaranteed to have great photos you can look back on, however a photo booth relies on your guests to make sure they take a lot of photos during your party. If you have guests who aren’t too sure about using one or aren’t going to use it then you won’t have the memories or photos to look back on.

Overall renting a photo booth for your big day can really add to the party atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean it will always work out. A lot of couples are using these in place of the traditional photographer, and for younger crowds it has looked to pay off but if you have guests that aren’t comfortable with these then you may find your photos don’t have all of your guests in them. Photo booths are a great enhancement to your reception, and they can definitely brighten up your photos with fun props.

I found a great video on youtube on how to build you own photo booth for a low price: